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Meet Alexis; the founder of Healthy Brown Girl, LLC

At 34 years old, Alexis lost 55lbs through intermittent fasting, exercise, and improving her diet. She has also managed to keep 90% of her weight loss off permanently without dieting. Her successful journey inspired her to share her knowledge with other women who struggle just like she did. Along her journey, Alexis encountered many roadblocks; one being the excessive amount of misinformation on the internet. 

Determined not to be another bad source of information she took her desire to help others seriously and went back to college to get formal education in nutrition.

Today, Alexis is a current 3rd-year dietetics undergrad student at Life University in Atlanta Georgia. She’s also a Spencer Institute certified wellness coach and a student member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Alexis is now dedicated to sharing what she’s learned both personally and professionally with women seeking to lose weight and improve their lifestyles.

To do this, Alexis created Healthy Brown Girl, LLC, to be a supportive community for women, and a place to help women avoid the internet fluff and get straight to the facts. Alexis hopes this information will empower women to make informed and transformative decisions along their weight loss and lifestyle journeys. 

Alexis believes that lack of proper knowledge and fad dieting are two major hindrances to a successful weight loss journey. So with this blog, she hopes to provide a space that is fun yet informative, rooted in science yet current on the latest trends; causing women to feel empowered to reach their weight loss goals. 


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