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Healthy Brown Girl

Meet Alexis; the founder of Healthy Brown Girl, LLC

As a graduate with a degree in dietetics and now pursuing a Master’s in positive psychology,

my transformative journey has evolved into a mission to empower women towards holistic wellness. At 34 years old, I achieved a remarkable feat by losing 55 pounds through intermittent fasting, exercise, and improved dietary habits. Even more importantly, I have maintained 90% of my weight loss without resorting to restrictive diets, inspiring me to share my knowledge and experiences with other women who face similar challenges.

Throughout my personal journey, I encountered numerous roadblocks, and one of the most prevalent was the abundance of misinformation plaguing the internet. To ensure that I provide genuine help to others, I made the pivotal decision to further my education by pursuing and obtaining an undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics. The tools I have been equipped with as I pursue my Master’s in positive psychology have given me invaluable insights into the psychological aspects of wellness and behavioral change.

I strongly believe that pursuing my Master’s in positive psychology, complements my background in dietetics perfectly. This unique combination empowers me to approach women’s health and wellness from a well-rounded perspective, focusing not only on the physical aspects but also on the psychological and emotional dimensions of their transformative journeys.

Building on this expertise, I founded Healthy Brown Girl, LLC, with a vision to create a supportive community for women, emphasizing evidence-based practices that prioritize overall well-being. My mission is to help women navigate through the maze of information and fad diets on the internet, providing them with reliable, research-backed guidance.

At Healthy Brown Girl, we believe that proper knowledge and a positive mindset are crucial for a successful long-term wellness journey. Through our vibrant and informative blog, we aim to create an enjoyable space, rooted in both scientific principles and the latest trends, to inspire and empower women to make informed decisions that lead to lasting change.

Together, let’s embark on a journey of holistic wellness, where we celebrate our achievements, support each other through challenges, and learn to embrace positive psychology principles to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. With Healthy Brown Girl, you have a trustworthy ally in your pursuit of total well-being.

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