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Hi, I'm Alexis!

Healthy Brown Girl

Qualifications:  BSND & MSPP – Life University, Atlanta Bachelors in clinical nutrition and level 2 positive psychology coaching 

earned through an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited masters program.

Welcome! I’m so excited you’re here. You being here means that you have come to the realization that your diagnosed (or undiagnosed) ADHD symptoms may be hindering you from your health goals, and you’re ready to make a change.

As a nutrition and wellness coach with a Bachelor’s in Clinical Nutrition and a Master’s in Positive Psychology, I’m uniquely equipped to guide you on this journey. Whether your aim is to:

  • Shed those extra pounds
  • Enhance your eating habits
  • Get a handle on overeating
  • Or foster a healthier relationship with food

You can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. My expertise combines the science of nutrition with the power of positive psychology, providing you with a comprehensive approach to overcome ADHD-related health challenges.

As someone diagnosed with ADHD at 38 years old, I personally understand the unique challenges you face – the constant battle with overeating, the pull of sensory-driven food choices, the habit of mindless or impulse snacking, and those seemingly uncontrollable food cravings. These struggles are real, and they can feel overwhelming at times.  For us ADHDers, food can quickly became an unhealthy coping mechanism. 

Since learning how being neurodivergent impacts my daily life and nutrition habits, I have learned to develop skills to overcome those struggles and improve my health, manage my weight, and nourish my brain.

Now, it is my mission to empower other women with similar struggles to achieve their health and wellness goals long-term, without quick fix or restrictive dieting. I am here to provide support and guidance to help you to:

  •  Develop eating habits that work for you.
  •  Create sustainable routines to help you harness your ADHD strengths to build a positive relationship with food.
  • Implement strategies to manage impulsive eating and cravings.
  • Be more attentive to your body’s hunger and satiety cues.
  • Design and environment that supports your health journey.

Are you ready to take the first step? Take some time to explore the resources on this site, or reach out to learn how we can start your personalized path to better health today. 

Bridge the gap between your physical and mental health
Using the FOCUS System.

This FOCUS program emphasizes the process of understanding, developing, and maintaining healthy eating habits specifically for individuals with ADHD. 

It acknowledges the unique challenges and strengths of the ADHD brain while providing a structured approach to improving nutrition and overall well-being.


Discover your unique ADHD eating patterns


Develop mindful awareness of body cues and eating behaviors


Design ADHD-friendly eating strategies


Harness ADHD strengths for better nutrition


Build long-term habits for ongoing success

Nourish Your ADHD Brain:
Eat Well, Live Better

Unlock the power of nutrition tailored to your ADHD mind.

Say goodbye to impulsive eating, cravings, and diet frustrations. It’s time to align your eating habits with your ADHD brain and thrive in all aspects of your life. Lets work together to transform your health journey and embrace a vibrant, balanced you.

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